6 Vital Principles For Beating Kitchen Remodeling Stress
6 Vital Principles For Beating Kitchen Remodeling Stress

6 Vital Principles For Beating Kitchen Remodeling Stress

Let’s face it; kitchen remodeling is nearly always done about 5 or 10 years once you wanted it done. In virtually every remodel we’ve ever done, the customer admitted that they wished to start the project long ago, but kept putting it off due to some stressful situation or another.

No doubt, a kitchen remodeling project could be a source of stress. Before you even start you’re stressing about things such as the cost, agreeing on the best way to do the remodel, and the way the new kitchen should look. That is clearly a lot of stress!

A co-employee of mine once claimed that the thing more stressful on a wedding than a kitchen remodeling project was a coronary attack! While I cannot verify the accuracy or validity of that claim, I readily admit that kitchen remodeling is a way to obtain stress-causing influences on family life.

Kitchen cabinets of a firm belief that kitchen remodeling ought to be cause for excitement! Stress may be an unavoidable byproduct of a remodel, but you don’t have to lose your marriage over it!

That’s why I developed the “6 Vital Principles” for enjoying your kitchen remodeling project:

Principle #1: Start with the end in mind

Always have an excellent written design/plan. Whether or not your kitchen remodeling project is quite basic, or highly complex, good plans will make sure you get all the elements you need in assembling your project. Plans certainly are a valuable communication tool that always reduce mistakes through the project. Although you may have to pay a little extra for the look, starting with a clear picture of the finished product will undoubtedly be well worth it.

Principle #2: Minimize your downtime

There’s no way around it. A significant kitchen remodeling project inherently implies downtime in your kitchen. Your loved ones will be unable to utilize the kitchen as a place to gather, cook, eat, do homework, etc. for a while. Since there is no chance to get rid of the downtime, you intend to reduce it as much as possible. Because cabinets require probably the most time and energy to arrive after ordering, never start demolition until cabinets have already been sent to the warehouse. This should limit your downtime to only four weeks.

Principle #3: Get out of town for a few days

The construction section of most kitchen remodeling projects will take about a month. That is clearly a long time to cope with dust, strange people in your house, not having the use of your kitchen, etc. At some point during the project (after week several) escape for a long weekend. Assembling your project will survive without you, and you will keep coming back with enough juice to see it through to the finish.

Principle #4: Don’t sweat the small stuff

To borrow section of the title from Richard Carlson’s book: Don’t Sweat the tiny Stuff! Mistakes may happen on your own kitchen remodeling project. Period. End of Statement. Recognize upfront that mistakes may happen and recognize that a skilled remodeling contractor knows how to minimize and correct mistakes.

Principle #5: Approach mistakes with the proper attitude

Until the final sign-off, your remodeling project is a work in progress. Once you see a thing that was done incorrectly, or simply missed, treat it with the following attitude: “I noticed X yesterday evening when I arrived home. You probably saw it too, but just in case you hadn’t seen it yet I needed to create it up.” A kitchen remodeling professional will jump at the chance to correct whatever was done incorrectly and will respond to your good attitude with a need to make your day (and project) even better.

Principle #6: Hire a professional

Have you ever tackled a home improvement project (like replacing a toilet) and about a third of just how into the project wish you’d paid someone else to do it? Now multiply that feeling by in regards to a billion and you’ll know very well what it’s prefer to tackle your personal kitchen remodeling project. Even when you hire tradesmen and manage their work, you’re increasing your stress-load to catastrophic levels! Hire a professional you can trust to control the construction and present you a dynamite finished product!

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